How Spring Flirts



Spring is such a flirt!  First, she pushes crocus from the ground as the cold winter breeze gives you a smack on the butt.  Then, she tells the sun to warm you face for a brief instant.  Tease!!

She skips along above you and points to the daffodils and giggles……….


Another smack on the butt with that cold breeze!  She calls you around the porch and laughs, pointing at the helleborus flowers you had failed to notice before now.


She whispers in your ear, ” Sixteen more days and I will be with you once again, my love.  Don’t forget your umbrella!  Why so sad about the rain?  Don’t you know that April showers bring May flowers? ”  Once again you grasp your jacket, roll your eyes, and resign yourself that Spring is on her way……

Oh, and while you grasp your cup of coffee you find a beautiful recipe that looks like ‘sunshine’ but is called, ‘Creamsicle Cake’……………….

Creamsicle Cake

Recipe and photo credit go to this site-

So, today I will make a version of this recipe and tell Spring, “See you soon, my love.”

The Law of Precession Versus The Law Of Attraction



Last summer I took this pic of a bee flying around the columbine bed.  I love bees, even tried beekeeping.  Unfortunately, I was allergic to them.  I found a new home via a “bee-charmer” from Atlanta.  This man amazed me with his bee-whispering abilities.

So, I had to give up the bees.  The one thing I can still do is plant a garden so they have a place to visit.  Yay for the pollinators.  They are an example used in the remainder of this post.  Amazing little beings (or beeings)!  :)

The law of attraction is a beautiful thing because it all starts with thought.  But without action nothing happens beyond that.

The law of precession is action.  The beautiful thing about this law is that action affects other parts of the journey leading to the goal.  In The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller states that “what happens precessionally, at 90 degrees, is far more important”.  Far more important than the actual goal.  An example given was how the honey bee works and lives.  The honey bee works of course with the goal of collecting honey.  However, what the honey bee does in the process reaches farther than the end focus.  Gardens are pollinated to create prolific gardens for future honey-gathering.  What the honey bee does meets his goals and lasts for all posterity.  Pollinators are a necessary part of all life.  Without them, none of us have food.  The food chain depends on precession.

In life and business and health and relationships……………the straight line of the end goal isn’t as important as the perpendicular lines at 90 degrees.  It is all important, but what you do on the journey ensures longevity.

Snowy Days And Cabin Fever



Snowy Days in the deep south are not a common happening.  Once this white stuff melts away, it will probably be a couple of Winters or so before it happens again.  It does make me have all the more respect for those who deal with it on a regular basis.  The first day, I love it.  The second day is nice.  The third day, I am ready for it to melt!

If the roads had only powdery snow, it would be feasible to drive;  when it is ice, it would be a bad idea.  So, what do you do so that you maintain sanity?  We prepared chocolate-dipped strawberries and worked on some business-planning.


The cats investigate, leaving evidence of their whereabouts…..


I am dreaming of Paris…………


Goodness, right now the local tavern sounds like a dream!  ;)

Stay warm!

I Know An ‘Ole Hillbilly Who Saved A Bird……A Cat……Then Saved By A Dog


This song comes to mind based on a recent turn of events.  My little buddy, Bob…… YES, BOB!!!!  caught of all things a “cat bird” and had very bad catlike intentions.  After chasing him around the garage, after growls coming from my sweet little man, finally I confiscated the bird!  Luckily the bird was still alive!  Woot!!  Bob was pissed!


Bob, an otherwise mannerly cat……………….

The following day, I heard what sounded like baby elephants running all around the porch.  I thought, I know the cats do not make THAT much noise.  So, I look out the window, and see my sweet little Pumpkin in one of two “strange” dogs mouth……


Sweet little Pumpkin…………………….

So, I beat on the window growling, yelling and pounding, “NO, NO, NO!!”  The vagrant dog dropped my little Pumpkin, and took off through the trees…

I looked and called for my little tuxedo kitty friend with no luck.  I didn’t see blood from the incident, but the other cats rallied around knowing that mama was pissed!!  After looking all around the house………… everywhere, I started walking down the road hoping not to find something I didn’t want to see.

As I passed the driveway of the “horse” people (nice folks), this whole gang of hoodlum dogs surrounded me.  I yelled, clapped, acted crazy (crazier than usual) to scare them away from me.  Luckily, my friend, Buddy, came to my rescue.  Buddy is a Great Pyrenees I met not long after moving here.  We are tight!!  He blocked them and looked at me with those big brown eyes as to say, “I gotcha back!”  I hugged him, and headed back to the “hill”.  Upon entering the driveway, Weenie (the female tabby) was waiting for me as if to say, “Did you get ‘em, mama?!”


Weenie followed me into the garage where, luckily Pumpkin was on the very highest shelf hiding.  I got on the ladder and checked her for injuries.  Other than some bruising, she was fine.  Thank goodness.

In these parts I am known as the, “cat whisperer”.  This story could have ended very badly…….

There was an ‘ole cat who swallowed a bird………………..but he didn’t…………

There was an ‘ole dog who swallowed a cat…………………. but he didn’t………….

There was a pack of hood dogs who swallowed a hillbilly……………….. but they didn’t……….

Whew!  Such is life in the hills……………

‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’



We all need a ‘Sisterhood’ to navigate this world unabashedly!  I feel so honored to know such awesome Sisters, near and far.  Especially, that one I admire bestowed the ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’ upon such an eccentric soul as myself.  Thank you, Jennifer of ‘Chopping Potatoes’, for sharing the vulnerable truth of day-to-day life in which we can surely identify.  You make such a difference and give a voice to all of us.  <3  You make us laugh, cry and feel joyful someone totally “GETS IT”.

~ ~The Rules ~ ~
1.Provide a link to and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2.Answer ten questions.
3.Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
4.Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated.
5.Include the award logo within your blog post.

~ ~Ten questions to be answered ~ ~
1.Your favorite color …. Earthy, muted orange (not the prisoner, construction or community service shade, lol)

2.Your favorite animal … Love them all, but if I had to pick just one…….The CAT!

3.Your favorite non-alcoholic drink … Hazelnut coffee with a dash of Meyenberg Goat Milk and H2O the rest of the time.

4.Facebook or Twitter … Facebook  definitely!

5.Your favorite pattern … So many from which to choose……..For crochet patterns it would be the broomstick stitch.  For patterns in general, anything art nouveau with papillion(s).

6.Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Definitely prefer giving, anonymously.  However, I have been beyond ecstatic to receive beautiful pine cones, rocks and flowers.

7.Your favorite number … Seven has always felt complete.
8.Your favorite day of the week …Everyday is potentially the favorite, depending on how much time I get to just “be”.
9.Your favorite flower … Camellia

10.What is your passion? …Creating something from nothing……As of late it is all about the fiber arts and creating crochet patterns.

Nominees…….there are too many to list.  Thank you to everyone who shares their life adventures through writing, photography, poetry, art and experience.  Creativity and beauty in the navigation of this life is to be shared with the world.  This is one way we can remain “human” as we are made for connection with other humans.  Much love to all near and far!!  <3

A camellia for the nominees……………………………………….Muah!!


~ ~ The Nominees ~ ~

Note:  Not in the order of significance because all are made of awesomesauce!!

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